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Labs cite variety of "best practices"

Long reach of IDN labs stretching even farther

October 2004
Ed Finkel

Integrated delivery network outreach labs point to myriad "best practices" they say have helped their businesses grow. Here’s what they said:

Dr. Toby Simon, chief medical officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories:

  • Provide results to clients in a timely fashion.
  • Provide consultation from a knowledgeable physician or scientist.
  • Strive for overall customer-service orientation: "How are people treated?"

Alice Friedt, director of operations, Parkview Health Systems:

  • Make things convenient: "If it’s done there, it stays there. Centralized testing was a huge dissatisfier for clients when we attempted to do that."
  • If part of a larger health system, think about what’s best for the system: "There’s no question of who we’re with. I think that’s very important."

Kathy Sloan, director of business operations, Presbyterian Healthcare System:

  • Focus on employees: "A happy worker makes for better business, better retention, greater client satisfaction."
  • Combine tests on the same instruments to reduce costs.
  • Use scripting to answer the phones.
  • Provide accurate and timely results to clients.