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November 2006

Q: Should we use CPT code 88302 or 88304 for a foreskin removed for phimosis or hypospadius from an infant that is more than 30 days old?

A: The term “newborn” has not been defined in Current Procedural Terminology. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary characterizes a newborn as a neonatal infant who is less than 29 days old. The “more than 30 days” criterion appears to be an appropriate cutoff for selecting the proper code, which, in this case, is CPT code 88304, Foreskin, other than newborn. It is important to note when the child is more than 30 days old that the foreskin was removed for therapeutic reasons and should not only be identified, but also evaluated histologically.

Q: What is the correct charge for a Cesarean-section scar excised from the wall of the abdomen?

The appropriate code for such a specimen is 88302, Skin, plastic repair.

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