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November 2007
Feature Story

Date: Sept. 29, 2007
Location: Chicago

Call to order. President Thomas M. Sodeman, MD, called to order the annual stated meeting of the College of American Pathologists at 8:10 AM, Sept. 29, 2007 in the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chicago, Ill. Also presiding were president-elect Jared N. Schwartz, MD, PhD, and secretary-treasurer Gene N. Herbek, MD.

Minutes. Dr. Herbek rose to read the minutes of the last meeting. It was moved, seconded, and carried to dispense with the reading and approve the minutes of the Sept. 9, 2006 business meeting of the College of American Pathologists as published in the November 2006 issue of CAP TODAY.

CAP awards and honors. Dr. Sodeman presented several member awards.

  • The Laboratory Accreditation Program Service Award, established in honor of Major General Joseph M. Blumberg, is presented annually to an individual who has contributed exceptional service to the Laboratory Accreditation Program. This year's recipient is Gerald A. Hoeltge, MD, who has been committed to the Laboratory Accreditation Program for more than three decades. He has served as Ohio state commissioner, deputy regional commissioner, Great Lakes regional commissioner, and interregional commissioner in the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation.
  • The Laboratory Improvement Program Service Award, established in 2006, is presented to an individual serving within the ranks of the Council on Scientific Affairs who has demonstrated exceptional service. Thomas D. Trainer, MD, this year's recipient, has been an active member and leader of the College for more than 40 years. During that time he has served as chair of the CAP Council on Scientific Affairs, Commission on Clinical Pathology, and Commission on Anatomic Pathology, among others. He has also served as a member of the Board of Governors, on the Executive Committee, and as secretary-treasurer.
  • The CAP Outstanding Service Award established in honor of Frank W. Hartman, MD, the College's first president, is presented annually to an individual who has performed meritorious service to the College. It recognizes a recipient's contribution to a single CAP program or project, usually over a long period. The 2007 recipient is R. Bruce Williams, MD, who has made extensive contributions to the Laboratory Accreditation Program as state commissioner for Louisiana, South Central regional commissioner, vice chair of the Council on Accreditation, and chair of the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation.
  • The Outstanding Communicator Award is presented to a person who has contributed to strengthening the image of pathologists. This year's awardee is Nora Bowers, a wife, mother, teacher, and cervical cancer survivor who has worked hard over the last decade to help educate women about the importance of having regular Pap tests. She has been featured numerous times in newspapers and magazines and on television sharing her story, usually partnering and sharing the stage with a CAP member pathologist. Nora speaks each year at the College's Spokespersons Training Program and was the first and only patient to ever address the CAP House of Delegates. Nora is also featured in the College's Sept. 15 American Way magazine ad. She is a vocal advocate for pathologists and feels strongly about the important contributions pathologists make in prevention, early detection, and diagnosis one patient at a time.

Dr. Sodeman expressed gratitude to individuals he personally selected to receive the President's Honors. The names of the recipients were displayed.

CAP Foundation awards. Mary E. Kass, MD, president of the CAP Foundation, presented the following Foundation awards:

  • The CAP Foundation 2007 Lansky Award to Margaret L. Gulley, MD.
  • The CAP Foundation 2007 Humanitarian Award winners were Shabin S. Nanji, MBChB; Ronald M, Harris, MD, MBA; Cathy A. Petti, MD; Adekunle A. Adesina, MD, PhD; and James F. Keefe, MD.

Necrology report. Dr. Sodeman called attention to the necrology report that was distributed to audience members. He noted the loss of Dennis B. Dorsey, MD, past president, Robert G. Thomas, MD, past governor, and James J. Norton, MD, longtime House member.

Recognition of retiring Board members. Retiring governor E. Randy Eckert, MD, and Kevin B. Dole, MD, were presented with a plaque of appreciation and past governor pin for their six years of service. In addition, Samuel K. Caughron, MD, outgoing chair of the Residents Forum, was thanked for his service.

CAP voting results. Dr. Sodeman reported that the winners of the CAP election for the four open governor positions are as follows:

  • Robert L. Breckenridge, MD
  • Richard C. Friedberg, MD, PhD

Note: Morton H. Levitt, MD, and Paul N. Valenstein, MD, were not present but will be sworn in at the Oct. 3, 2007 Board Organizational Meeting.

The newly elected president-elect is Stephen N. Bauer, MD. Dr. Bauer was given a plaque of appreciation and past governor pin for his five years of service.

Other business and adjournment. Dr. Sodeman called for old business and new business to come before the College membership meeting. Hearing none, he adjourned this stated meeting of the College at 8:30 AM.