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September 2003 Feature Story
Countries in which ULR is mandated as public policy

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Canada July 1998 (platelets)
France April 1998
Austria January 1999
Republic of Ireland January 1999
Canada July 1999 (ULR)
Wales August 1999
Scotland August 1999
Switzerland September 1999
England October 1999
Northern Ireland October 1999
Malta January 2001
Spain May 2001
Germany October 2001
Qatar January 2002
Holland January 2002
Norway January 2002
Finland November 2002

Countries moving toward ULR:
Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Cyprus, Japan, United Arab Emirates

Source: Girolamo Ortolano, Judy Angelbeck, Rosalind Russell, Tony Capetandes, Barry Wenz. A Commentary and Perspective on the Status of Universal Leukocyte Reduction. Pall Corp. 2003.