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Posturing for prosperity: two firms focus on future

Sunquest on its R&D
Triple G on ASPs

February 2001
Eric Skjei

Sunquest Information Systems, Tucson, Ariz., is recognized as a leader in the laboratory information systems industry. With some 1,200 sites worldwide, Sunquest has evolved into a clinical data management company, yet it has maintained its focus on innovation and continues to help set the pace for the LIS market.

Also focusing on innovation, while meeting the needs of a diverse customer base, is Toronto-based Triple G Systems Group. Like Sunquest, Triple G is expanding its product offerings, particularly in the ASP (application service provider) arena, and positioning itself to reap the benefits of globalization.

CAP TODAY talked with Triple G chief executive officer and chairman of the board Lee Green and independent consultant Hal Weiner about the growth of the ASP model and what can be learned through globalization. CAP TODAY also spoke with Sunquest president and chief operating officer Mark Emkjer about the initiatives under way at Sunquest that will shape the direction the company takes over the next few years.