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What is Part A?

August 2001

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  • Resident/student teaching/lectures/supervision/signout (25%)
  • Attending lectures, CME, conferences, etc.
  • Presentation/participation conferences for medical staff education
  • Technologist/other hospital personnel teaching/supervision


  • Committee meetings
  • E-mail, mail, minutes, travel, etc.
  • LIS computer—evaluation of data, report formats
  • Project planning
  • Budget/financial
  • Personnel/staff recruitment

AP/CP laboratory management

  • Respond to and educate medical staff (informal consults)
  • Determine need for specific CP/AP procedure(s)
  • Determine appropriate diagnostic method for analyte(s)
  • Evaluate clinical relevance of results (normal and abnormal)
  • Establish test reference values and levels of precision, accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity
  • Determine the effect(s) of other analytes/medications/disease states on test results
  • Interact with medical staff on laboratory issues
  • Design test protocols and establish parameters for the performance of tests and method correlations
  • Establish appropriate turnaround time(s)
  • Establish and monitor referral criteria
  • Develop and monitor criteria for stat (emergency) procedures
  • Establish and respond to "alert" (panic) values
  • Determine the type of data collection and storage criteria that will be used for particular tests
  • Evaluate clinical reference laboratories
  • Develop and monitor guidelines for utilization of clinical lab procedures
  • Monitor and evaluate test and QC performance

Quality control and quality assurance

  • Establish appropriate monitors, corrective actions
  • Establish, direct, perform, or monitor QC and QA activities
  • Direct, perform, or monitor proficiency testing and related issues
  • QA for other departments and hospital policy support

Autopsy—All aspects, performance, review, signout

Direction of point-of-care testing

Accreditation—JCAHO, CLIA, AABB, OSHA, CAP, state

Research—Clinically oriented research