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HPV triage data

May 2001

Cunningham Pathology, Birmingham, Ala.
91 percent biopsy confirmation

Forty-nine total cases (preliminary diagnosis ASCUS) were sent for HPV triage. All cases were referred to cytopathologist (Dr. Lozano) before being sent for molecular testing. The HPV data and re-review of the cytology were then used to change the diagnosis as follows:

18 changed to benign cellular changes/within normal limits

  • 14 with no followup data
  • 3   with normal/inflammatory followup data
  • 1   HPV

4 called ASCUS favor LSIL (with no high-risk HPV)

  • 3   with no followup data
  • 1   with normal/inflammatory followup data

15 called LSIL (mild dysplasia/HPV), high-risk HPV present

  • 5   with no followup data
  • 9   with mild dysplasia/HPV
  • 1   with normal/inflammatory followup data

12 called HSIL (moderate, severe, CIS) (100 percent biopsy confirmation)

  • 3   with no followup data
  • 9   CIN II-III

The cases with no followup are recent cases. The benign-cellular-changes cases may not ever be biopsied, so they might have to rely on followup cytology.