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Q-Tracks/Q-Probes planned for 2003

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August 2002

Karen Southwick

Q-Tracks planned for 2003

Clinical pathology monitors

  • Patient identification accuracy
  • Blood culture contamination
  • Laboratory specimen acceptability
  • In-date blood product wastage
  • Satisfaction with outpatient specimen collection
  • Stat test turnaround time -outliers
  • Morning rounds inpatient test availability
  • Critical values reporting
  • Inpatient phlebotomy success rate

Anatomic pathology monitors

  • Gynecologic cytology outcomes: biopsy correlation performance
  • Intraoperative consultations: frozen section correlation
  • Small surgical specimen turnaround time

Q-Probes planned for 2003

  • Turnaround time of -biochemical markers of acute myocardial injury
  • Inpatient anticoagulation
  • Anatomic pathology -discrepancy rates and causes
  • Competency of point-of-care glucose testing -personnel