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January 2007
PAP/NGC Programs Review

Ann T. Moriarty, MD

The “2007 Pap—A Supplemental Questionnaire” is being mailed to hundreds of laboratories across the country this winter and spring. The CAP Cytopathology Committee needs your laboratory’s 2006 statistics to update the benchmarking data last collected in 2003. An example of this benchmark data may be found in cytopathology checklist question CYP.07600, the table titled “Laboratory Percentile Reporting Rate for Conventional and Liquid-based Preparations.”

The questionnaire consists of questions not only pertaining to 2006 cervical cytology statistical data but also to Bethesda 2001 terminology and the most common causes of unsatisfactory Pap tests. The questionnaire will also focus on human papillomavirus, or HPV, testing methods and reported positive rates for high-risk HPV tests.

The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete and provides the cytologic community with valuable information. The data collected will continue to serve as benchmarking data for laboratories to use in comparing themselves with other labs and in assessing themselves.

The questionnaire will be sent in the first Pap Education (Interlaboratory Comparison Program) mailing this year, either January or April, depending on the Education series your laboratory enrolled in. If you have questions about this survey, please call the CAP customer contact center at 800-323-4040 and ask to be connected to a cytology technical specialist.

Dr. Moriarty, vice chair of the CAP Cytopathology Committee, is with AmeriPath Indiana, Indianapolis.