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June 2005
PAP/NGC Programs Review

Does your laboratory have classic slides in good condition that are no longer needed and feature unsatisfactory, negative or benign changes, or LSIL or HSIL interpretations?

When you come across a good case in your laboratory, can you make additional Pap tests from your ThinPrep or SurePath vials?

Do you have an interesting case that you would like to share with your peers?

The CAP Interlaboratory Comparison Program in Cervicovaginal Cytopathology accepts Pap slide donations from laboratories. The slides are subject to a rigorous review by three cytopathologists. After review, the College pays generously for slides accepted into the program. The College is able to return slides not accepted into the program if the donor wishes them to be returned, and can track the accepted slide in the event that the laboratory needs a specific case returned.

Some laboratories have slide funds that are used to pay for staff education programs. Reimbursement rates for accepted slides are listed in the accompanying box.

Contact Larry Flennoy ( at 847-832-7786 to have a donor sheet sent to you by fax or mail. Or print a donor sheet from the CAP Web site.