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January 2002
Feature Story

Looking for lost slides

The Cytopathology Committee is in search of unique, irreplaceable lost PAP and NGC slides.

Slides from the Interlaboratory Comparison Program in Gynecologic Cytopathology and Nongynecologic Cytopathology must be returned. Unlike the Performance Improvement Program (PIP) slides, they cannot be kept. These slides are one of a kind and therefore irreplaceable. It has taken years of circulation of slide sets to generate statistics for validation. If a slide is "lost," the performance characteristics of that slide must be retired.

After 10 years, the loss of PAP slides and slide sets approaches 10 percent. This is a loss to our contributors, the program, and all participants. It takes years to obtain replacements for unusual cases and especially good examples of various entities and to circulate the slides through enough laboratories to establish validation.

Please search your files, your laboratories, and your storage areas for PAP and NGC slides and return everything bearing the PAP or NGC label. Send slides in appropriate packaging to:

The PAP Program (or The NGC Program)
College of American Pathologists
325 Waukegan Rd.
Northfield, IL 60093-2750.

The PAP and NGC programs depend on your prompt return of the material and appreciate your cooperation. Beginning this year, continuing education credits will be withheld if slide sets are not returned.