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January 2003
Feature Story

Graded ThinPrep slides now in PAPM

Jonathan H. Hughes, MD, PhD

The CAP Interlaboratory Comparison Program in Cervicovaginal Cytopathology now includes graded ThinPrep slides in the PAPM module.

While ThinPrep slides have been included in the PAPM module for some time, until now they have been used for educational purposes only. These educational slides have circulated among and been validated by enough PAPM participants to allow them to be converted to graded slides. A slide is validated and enters the graded sets only when there is high statistical agreement between the PAPM participants’ diagnoses and the reference diagnosis during the educational phase of the slide’s life cycle. As always, the laboratory response forms mailed with the PAPM slides will indicate whether the slide set is graded or ungraded/educational.

To laboratories that do not want to receive ThinPrep slides, the CAP will continue to offer the PAPC module, which contains only conventional slides.

The addition of the graded ThinPrep slides to the PAPM module reflects the CAP’s continuing commitment to providing useful, clinically relevant self-assessment materials to pathologists and cytotechnologists. The CAP is grateful to all participants who have submitted slides and played a crucial role in the validation process.

Dr. Hughes is a member of the CAP Cytopathology Committee and is on staff at Laboratory Medicine Consultants, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, and Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas.