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August 2003
Special Section

Please help us detect problem cases

We continually track the performance of cases in the Pap program, but we need your help to detect the problem cases. There are two important areas in which you can help.

Some slides in the program have deteriorated over time, and we work hard to try to identify them so we can remove them from the program. We plan to add an item to the answer sheet to enable participants to evaluate slide quality. Your feedback will help us replace the deteriorated, faded slides with more optimally stained ones in a more timely manner.

The second area in which we are asking for your attention is in identifying hypocellular slides. After the Bethesda 2001 guidelines were adopted, some Pap program cases that were originally interpreted as “negative” became “unsatisfactory” because of insufficient cellularity. If you find such a case in which we report the diagnosis as “negative” for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy, but you believe the correct diagnosis should be “unsatisfactory” because of insufficient cellularity, please notify us so we can review the slide and credit your laboratory for your answer (if the case is part of a graded set).

We strive to provide you with the highest quality program possible. Your feedback is valuable to us and appreciated.