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  Autopsy Resource Committee


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Reports to: Council on Scientific Affairs

Charge: To help define and monitor the state of the art of autopsy pathology; to improve the performance and reporting of the autopsy; to promote utilization of the autopsy for quality improvement, research, education and public health; to contribute to the continuing education of CAP members and the larger medical community through the creation of surveys, publications, and educational seminars; to provide consultative services to all areas of the College as needed for activities, regulations, and legislation related to the autopsy.

Time Commitment Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 3
Length of each meeting: 1.5 days each
Typical meeting days of the week: Friday and Saturday

Location of meetings: Usually less than 50 miles from an airport. April meeting is always in Chicago.

Number of conference calls: 2, as needed, depending on member and specific assignments.

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings:
Member: 50+ hours/year
Editor: 70+ hours/year
Chair: 85+ hours/year

Additional travel or time commitments:

  • Attendance at the CSA Leadership meeting for the chair
  • Encourage attendance at CAP Annual Meeting

Activities of Committee Activities of Committee

  • Surveys - The committee supports the Autopsy Pathology (AU and AUCD) Program, which offers pathologists the opportunity to obtain 12 hours of CME per year. The committee is responsible for developing the cases used in this program and each member is required to submit an average of 1.5 cases per year on the committee.
  • Publications
  • Chapters in other CAP publications
  • When requested by the National Meeting Planning Committee, provide CAP Annual Meeting seminars.
  • Review of the autopsy section of the CAP’s Laboratory Accreditation Program’s (LAP’s) Anatomic Pathology (ANP) Checklist and assist with LAP complaints
  • Answer member concerns of the autopsy
  • Work with Council on Scientific Affairs, Forensic Pathology and Neuropathology Committees.
  • Work with the House of Delegates and the Residents Forum on autopsy issues

Expertise or Experience Required Expertise or Experience Required

  • Board certified anatomic pathologist
  • Experience in autopsy pathology
  • Experience with specific organ system(s)
  • Experience with laboratory inspection and accreditation

Benefits to membership on this committee Benefits to membership on this committee

  • Participate in the production of CAP surveys
  • QA experience
  • QI experience
  • Participation in publications
  • Assist with the annual meeting
  • Assist CAP members with autopsy issues
  • Improve communication skills
  • Promote the autopsy to other pathologists, the medical community, and the public


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