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Proficiency Programs Listing

Surveys supported by this Committee

  • Accuracy Based Lipid Survey
  • Accuracy Based Testosterone and Estradiol (ABS)
  • Accuracy Based Vitamin D (ABVD)
  • Aldolase
  • Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE)
  • Aqueous Blood Gas (AQ,AQ2,AQ3, AQ4)
  • B–type Natriuretic Peptides Survey (BNP)
  • Blood Oximetry (SO)
  • Body Fluid (FLD)
    • CA 19-9
    • CEA
  • Bone Markers and Vitamin Survey
    • 1,25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D (BMV1)
    • Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase (BMV2)
    • Vitamin A (BMV3)
    • Vitamin E (BMV4)
  • Bone and Growth (BGS)
  • Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Urine (BU)
  • Cardiac Markers (CRT, CRTI, TNT)
  • Cardiac Risk (HMS, hsCRP)
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Chemistry (M)
  • Chemistry – (C1,C3,C7, CZ, CZ2, CZX)
  • Cystatin C (CYS)
  • Electrophoresis (LPE only)
  • Erythropoietin (EPO)
  • Expanded Chemistry Exercises (ECE) New!
    • Expanded Lipid Exercise
    • Expanded Hormone Exercise
    • Expanded Hemoglobin A1c Exercise
  • Fetal Fibronectin (FF)
  • Fructosamine (FT)
  • Glucose–6–phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PDS)
  • Hemoglobin A1c (GH2)
  • Insulin, Gastrin, C–Peptide , PTH Assays (ING)
  • Ketones (KET)
  • Kidney Stone Risk Assessment (KSA)
  • Ligand Assay (K,KK)
  • Ligand Assay, Special (Y, DY)
  • Lipoprotein–Associated Phosholipase (PLA)
  • Lung Maturity (LM)
  • Lung Maturity w/ Amniotic Fluid Bilirubin (LM1)
  • Myoglobin, Urine (MYG)
  • Neonatal Bilirubin (NB, NB2)
  • Oligoclonal Bands (OLI)
  • Plasma Cardiac Markers (PCARM)
  • Plasma Hemoglobin (PHG)
  • Procalcitonin (PCT)
  • RBC Folate (FOL)
  • Renin, Aldosterone, (RAP)
  • Salivary Cortisol (SALC) New!
  • Soluble Transferrin Receptor (STFR)
  • Sweat Analysis (SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4)
  • Testosterone and Estradiol Accuracy Survey (ABS)
  • Total Bile Acid (TBLA) New!
  • Trace Metals (R)
  • Tumor Markers (TM,TMX)
  • Urine Chemistry (General) (U)
  • Urine Chemistry (Special) (N)
  • Whole Blood Glucose (WBG, WB2)

Surveys Validated Materials (SVM)

  • Cerebrospinal Fluid SVM (MVM)
  • Chemistry SVM (CVM)
  • Urine Chemistry (General) SVM (UVM)
  • Urine Chemistry (Special) SVM (NVM)
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