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Published January 20, 2014

Reports to: Council on Accreditation

Charge: To ensure that the accreditation requirements of the CAP’s Biorepository Accreditation Program promote high standards for the procurement, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens that align with quality best practices in the biorepository field to support scientific research.

Time Commitment Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 3
Length of each meeting: 1 day
Typical meeting days of the week: Friday

Location of meetings: 1 in Chicago; 2 other locations

Number of conference calls: 3rd Tuesday of each month; (1 to 1.5 hours each)

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings:
Variable; may include document review and speaker engagement requests.

Additional travel or time commitments:
Chair is a member of the Council on Accreditation (i.e. leadership meetings and other organizational meetings).

Activities of Committee Activities of Committee

  • Committee responsible for providing information, expertise and scientific support to the Biorepository Accreditation Program
  • Monitor current and emerging issues, practices, and technologies that may impact biorepositories
  • Serve as interface with appropriate professional organizations (e.g., ISBER)
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the CAP BAP checklists requirements
  • Provide input on checklist tools and guidance documents for biorepository inspection preparation

Expertise or Experience Required Expertise or Experience Required

  • Good working knowledge of the CAP biorepository accreditation requirements.
  • Knowledge of biorepository based guidelines(i.e. ISBER Best Practices for Repositories; NCI Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources)
  • Experience as the director or leader of a biorepository desired

Benefits to membership on this committee Benefits to membership on this committee

  • Gain insight as to how sustained compliance to BAP requirements can be assured
  • Opportunity to network with experts in the field
  • Opportunity to represent the CAP at intersociety venues

Representation on committee beyond the CAP:

  • N/A

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