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Read the papers based on the consensus conference in the February 2012 issue of Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Access them from the links in the table below:

1. Quality Consensus Conference on Good Laboratory Practices in Gynecologic Cytology
  Background, Rationale and Organization
(PDF, 161 KB)
2. Monitoring Diagnostic Rates, Turn Around Time, Concurrence of Diagnostics
Topic comments
(PDF, 95 KB)
Access Monitoring Interpretive Rates, Concordance of Interpretations, Turnaround Time Presentation
(PPT, 918 KB)
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(26.6 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 206 KB)
3. Real Time Rescreen, Retrospective look back
Topic comments
(PDF, 86 KB)
Access Prospective and Retrospective Review Presentation (PPT, 854 KB) MP3
(22.7 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 169 KB)
4. PAP Proficiency Testing
Topic comments
(PDF, 55 KB)
Access PAP Proficiency Testing, General Quality Practices, and Workload Presentation (PPT, 574 KB)

Access GYN Workload Limits Presentation (PPT, 633 KB)
(31.2 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 97 KB)
5. Monitoring of PAP test with Cervical Biopsy Correlations
Topic comments
(PDF, 61 KB)
Access Cytologic-Histologic Correlations Presentation (PPT 686 KB) MP3
(36.5 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 254 KB)
6. Monitoring HPV Rates
Topic comments
(PDF, 100 KB)
Access Monitoring of HPV Rates Presentation (PPT, 512 KB) MP3
(12.7 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 181 KB)
7. General Quality
Topic comments
(PDF, 63 KB)
Access General Quality Presentation (PPT, 625 KB) MP3
(30.1 MB)
Archives Article
(PDF, 154 KB)