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Histocompatibility and Identity Testing

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Laboratory Accreditation Laboratory Accreditation

The Histocompatibility/Identity Testing Committee would like to remind all laboratory directors that they must request that qualified expert inspectors in specific specialty areas be appointed to inspection teams that will be doing the biennial on-site inspections. Lists of qualified inspectors for histocompatibility, cytogenetics, and molecular pathology are included in the Inspector’s Inspection Packets, and are available from the Laboratory Accreditation Program at the CAP office in Northfield, Illinois.

CAP Proficiency Testing CAP Proficiency Testing

Histocompatibility Program

HLA Type Information for PBL Specimens in the MX1 and MX2 Surveys (PDF, 47 KB)

Ethnicity Information for Specimens in the ML/DL Surveys (PDF, 20 KB)

Parentage Testing (PAR/PARF) to include:

  • DNA Testing
  • Paper Challenge

Histocompatibility Testing (B27, HLAS/HLAS1, DL, ML, ME, MX1, and MX2) to include:

  • ABO Grouping (Includes subtyping)
  • HLA Serologic Typing (Class I and II)
  • HLA Molecular Typing (Class I and II)
  • HLA Crossmatching, PRA, and Antibody Identification (Class I and II)
  • HLA B27 Typing
  • Bone marrow/stem cell monitoring engraftment

Forensic Sciences (DNA/DNAF, FID/FIDM) to include:

  • DNA Database analysis (whole blood and filter paper)
  • Forensic Nuclear DNA analysis
  • Forensic Mitochondrial DNA analysis

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