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Updated May 2013

Q. In the point-of-care test for the determination of prothrombin time and International Normalized Ratio by fingerstick in a physician’s office, are controls (normal and elevated) available for adequate QC determination? Are physician office labs not governed by the same basic principles governing formal clinical laboratories? Are they permitted to run tests without running QC? Are there potential legal ramifications for having obtained an incorrect result for a POC test performed in a physician’s office without the proper use of QC, leading to a catastrophic patient result? (April 2013) Read More

Q. Is it appropriate in a medical laboratory to reuse tourniquets? Does the CAP have any related requirements? (January 2013) Read More

Q.We are looking into add-ing pH eye testing at our facility. Currently we test only vaginal fluid pH, and we use a set of urine controls for our QC material. If we add the eye fluid testing, will we need to add a set of controls that have the same matrix as the eye fluid? The urine controls we use cover the range of the eye fluid. (November 2012) Read More

Q.In the clinical laboratory we are concerned that the point-of-care prothrombin time/International Normalized Ratio is not the best test in OR and ED situations. Does anyone have thoughts about or experience using POC instrument INR for patients not stabilized on warfarin therapy? (September 2012) Read More

Q. What is the standard of practice for confirmation testing with Acetest tablets? (August2012) Read More

Q. Every newborn in the United States is checked for metabolic diseases through a comprehensive newborn screening system. Why then is there a need to do alternative tests for reducing substances in the urine specimens of young children? (September 2011) Read More