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 Point of Care Testing Toolkit


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Point of Care Testing Toolkit

Download POCT Toolkit (PDF, 245 KB)

  • Introduction & Definitions
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • History
  • Current & Projected Technology
  • References
  • Tools
  • Toolkit Authors
  • Pathologist Roles
  • Pathologist as Laboratory Director
  • Pathologist as Clinical Consultant
  • Pathologist’s Regulatory Role
  • Pathologist as Technical Consultant
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    The POCT Test Cost Analysis Tool allows the user to input information and will automatically calculate various parameters important to cost analysis. It is an easy way to:

    • identify the costs associated with POCT testing
    • compare those cost to central lab testing costs,
    • determine the impact on central lab costs due to shifting test volume to POCT
    • compare different testing scenarios by manipulating the various input parameters


    1. Business Plan for a Point Of Care Testing Service (XLS, 50 KB)

    2. Checklist (Gantt Chart) For Establishing And Maintaining A Point Of Care Testing Program (XLS, 48 KB)

    3. Duties And Responsibilities Of The Point Of Care Testing Medical Director (XLS, 43 KB)

    4. Communication Checklist (XLS, 49 KB)

    5. Cost Analysis Tool (Excel, 53 KB)

    6. Cost Analysis Tool Instructions (Word, 78 KB)

    7. Examples of POCT Policies and Procedures (ZIP, 6.6 MB)

    8. Understanding and Explaining the CAP POCT Checklist (PDF, 296 KB)


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