College of American Pathologists

  Policy Roundtable Committee (PRTC)


Posted November 14, 2012

Reports to: Council on Government and Professional Affairs

Goal: The goal of the PRTC is to elevate CAP’s role in influencing the development of policies that will shape the future of pathology and to increase the visibility of CAP in the public policy arena.

Policy Roundtable Topic Center
Activities of the Committee

  • Collects primary data that helps CAP understand socioeconomic characteristics and trends affecting pathologists and pathology practices.
  • Prepares white papers and publications as it identifies and develops relevant policy issues.
  • Convenes meetings of pathologists and other stakeholders to identify issues and conduct research.
  • Builds the policy foundation that supports the advancement of the specialty.

Among the topics covered by the Policy Roundtable are fielding of CAP's Practice Characteristics Survey, Graduate Medical Education (GME), and training of the future pathology workforce.

David Gross, PhD.
Director, CAP Policy Roundtable
1350 I Street, NW, Suite 590
Washington, DC 20005-3305


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