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Technology Assessment Committee

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Background: The Committee and supporting staff conduct environment scans toward identifying and characterizing the progression of an emerging technology to determine the point at which the specialty needs to be informed and the College may need to take action. This includes technologies in the early stages of development in which there may be over-enthusiasm for potential application/impact, through a period of disillusionment, to an eventual understanding of the technology’s relevance and role in our specialty (i.e., Gartner’s Hype Curve cycle).

TAC meets monthly via conference call and face to face three times a year to discuss and filter through new trends in technology that will have a substantial impact on pathology in the future. The Committee consists of members with a wide range of technical expertise within various practice settings who all share a passion for continuous learning and the desire for transformation of the specialty through integration of emerging technologies into practice.

Time Commitment

Time Commitment

Number of face-to-face meetings: 3
Length of each meeting: 1½ days
Typical meeting days of the week: Saturday & Sunday; occasionally Friday & Saturday

Location of meetings: Usually within 50 miles from airports, with at least one meeting in Chicago

Number of conference calls: Monthly (1 hour)

Hours of committee work required outside of meetings and conference calls:
Member & Chair: 10-12 hours/quarter

Additional travel or time commitments:
Attendance at other CAP and non-CAP meetings as needed

Committee Activities

Committee Activities

  • Monitor new and emerging technologies in the clinical laboratory setting that may affect patient safety and the way a pathologist practices medicine
  • Participate in ‘ad hoc’ working groups and coordinate with resource committees as needed
  • Provide support to the CAP committees and programs
  • Build relationships with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies that are pursuing development of new and emerging technologies
  • Develop POET Reports
Expertise or Experience

Expertise or Experience

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of pharmacogenomics, genetic medicine, new medical technology and their clinical applications
  • Possess strong interest in evaluating emerging technologies and educating membership on technologies that will impact their practice
  • Maintain the ability to provide information tools for the community pathologist on new drug, device, process or test evaluations
  • Display an interest or expertise in technology assessment
  • Exhibit an interest in promoting and supporting Committee educational initiatives in the areas of new and emerging technologies
Benefits to Committee Membership & Representation

Benefits to Committee Membership & Representation

  • Opportunity to assist in shaping the use and integration of emerging technology within the pathology arena
  • Interaction with colleagues to discuss new technology and practice implications
  • Gain knowledge about emerging technologies that impact the practice of pathology currently and in the future
  • Opportunity to share new topics and technology assessments at TAC meetings
  • Opportunity to collaborate with peers that share an interest in technology research and assessment