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Reprinted from October 2002 CAP TODAY

Q: What is the correct way to report immunocytochemistry stains? For example, how many units of 88342 should we use to report a HMB-45 stain performed on two blocks of a single sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma?

A: If you apply the HMB-45 stain to two blocks of a single sentinel lymph node specimen, report one unit of 88342.

Code 88342, Immunocytochemistry (including tissue immunoperoxidase), each antibody, is reported once for each antibody applied to a single specimen. The code should not be reported per slide or per block if multiple slides or blocks from a single specimen are stained. When multiple smears prepared from a specimen are stained with one antibody, report only one unit of 88324. If a specimen is stained with multiple antibodies, report 88342 once for each antibody used.

Q: Our laboratory occasionally receives Tzanck smears which we process and examine in the same manner as other cytology smears. When reporting such a service, should we use code 88104 or 87207?

A: Use code 87207, Smear, primary source, with interpretation; special stain for inclusion bodies or intracellular parasites (eg, malaria, kala azar, herpes), when an examination reports only the presence or absence of inclusions. This examination is usually performed by a technologist.

Use code 88160, Cytopathology, smears, any other source; screening and interpretation, or 88161 Cytopathology, smears, any other source; preparation, screening and interpretation, for direct Tzanck smears examined by a pathologist that require a broader service with consideration of etiology beyond simply reporting the presence of inclusions. Use code 88161 when the pathologist or their designee prepares the smear.

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