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Updated September 23, 2014

Comprehensive: Choose from 77 courses in 11 disciplines for competency assessment and training-all with CE credit—and over 100 instrument-specific observation checklists.

Customizable: Tailor the courses and checklists to fit your laboratory

Convenient: Access it all online-on your schedule. You can start a course at work and finish off-site.

“The program has been extremely helpful in satisfying CLIA requirements. I'm eager to see the list of assessment offerings each six months.”

Online assessment and training courses are ready for your lab Online assessment and training courses are ready for your lab
Our assessment and training courses offer customized learning, which is triggered by students' responses to questions-supported with extensive references just a click away. Every six months, new courses are delivered in every discipline. Created by experts in their fields, these courses include high-resolution color images, interactive exercises, and state-of-the-art education techniques. A bookmarking feature allows participants to come back to any course and pick up right where they left off.

How competency is assessed
Each student begins by taking an online assessment to determine what he or she knows. The student will receive a score on the assessment. You define acceptable scores for each course, based on your laboratory's standards.

Competency Assessment Program's technology analyzes the answers the student provided and then returns truly customized training. The areas a student needs help with are covered in detail. Because the content is customized based on responses, students don't waste time on unnecessary review. Competency Assessment Program even provides reassessment courses your students can take after they have completed the customized training.

“The scientific content is excellent.”

Pro courses for training and CE
In addition to assessment courses, Competency Assessment Program includes an ever-expanding library of stand-alone courses. Self-paced and interactive, Pro Courses include the same level of challenging, in-depth content featured in the assessment courses, but instead of scored assessments, Pro Courses offer educational material interspersed with ungraded questions that reinforce learning.

Like assessment courses, Pro Courses offer CE credit as well as a bookmarking feature that allows participants to come back to any course and pick up right where they left off. Dozens of Pro Courses are available every year.

“ProCourses are challenging and are a good way to deliver Continuing education to all shifts.”

Safety &a,p; Compliance courses for the laboratory Safety & Compliance courses for the laboratory
Safety & Compliance courses are the latest addition to the Competency Assessment Program. Unlike safety and compliance courses from other sources, you can pull these “off the shelf” for your learners because they are designed for clinical laboratories with lab-specific illustrations and examples. All seven courses are included in the package for one low price and are appropriate for both annual laboratory compliance training or for clinical laboratory science students prior to clinical rotations.

Just like our other courses, Safety & Compliance courses can be customized with site-specific information, allowing you to add your local safety policies, emergency procedures, and contact information. Courses are integrated into the Competency Assessment Program interface, so they can be assigned, accessed, and completed along with your other courses. All features of the learning management system, including administrator roles, passing thresholds, and email notifications are available. The Safety & Compliance courses are updated when regulations or good practices change.

Note: Safety & Compliance course package must be purchased in conjunction with Competency Assessment Program subscription. Not available for purchase separately. Safety & Compliance courses listed above do not offer CAP CE credit.

Instrument-Specific Observation Checklists are provided by manufacturers Instrument-Specific Observation Checklists are provided by manufacturers
Only Competency Assessment Program gives you immediate access to a printable inventory of Instrument-Specific Observation Checklists (PDF, 36 KB). More than 100 checklists supplied by manufacturers are available for competency assessments or training.

More about checklists
When you observe an employee using an instrument, you'll enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing you're using a checklist developed by the manufacturer just for that instrument. After observing your employee, the checklist completion feature makes it a snap to record the results online.

Checklists include graphics and charts, PDF and Word documents, and web links with valuable information about specific instruments. New instrument-specific checklists are continually being added.

Customize with CourseBuilder and ChecklistBuilder tools Customize with CourseBuilder and ChecklistBuilder tools
These tools give you the freedom to modify existing courses or create your own from templates. Use the courses that come with the program as a starting point for building your courses. Just save any Competency Assessment Program assessment course, Pro Course, or observation checklist with a different name, then add what's important to you - your lab's procedures, your experience, or maybe a message from your Laboratory Director or CEO.

How do CourseBuilder and ChecklistBuilder work?
CourseBuilder is easy to use, with standard formatting toolbars similar to Microsoft Word. You can upload high-resolution digital images for use within your courses, as well as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. The CourseBuilder interface also allows you to easily set up typical assessment scenarios like matching or multiple-choice .

Whatever it is you need to teach, CourseBuilder helps you develop a course and deliver it to the people who need it, efficiently and easily. ChecklistBuilder allows you to create checklists specific to your instruments, operations, and procedures.

“I really like the CourseBuilder feature to customize for specific employees.”

Management information at your fingertips Management information at your fingertips
All of your lab’s Competency Assessment Program records - courses, scores, checklists, assignments - are saved online by Competency Assessment Program. So you’ll never again worry about digging out proof of your CLIA compliance when the pressure is on. Your lab’s records are password protected, easily accessible at any time, and saved online, for as long as you're enrolled in the program.

Management Features
Once you’ve made a course assignment, Competency Assessment Program sends an automated e-mail message to each student alerting them to begin a course — one more way the program simplifies your management responsibilities.

Extensive management reports help you track performance, ranging from individual employee results to comparisons of your lab with peers. You can monitor course completion status as well as assignment progress for your students. Competency Assessment Program also provides reports on how each user answered assessment questions as well as how your laboratory as a whole performed on each question and each course. This information can provide you with some ideas for in-service topics or areas that your staff may need retraining.

“Very beneficial and helps with the challenges of monitoring personnel competencies due to short staff, limited time. The system is convenient and easy to use for the employees.

I find it easy to navigate and track employee progress in the program.

We use the program extensively. We have placed all our orientation checklists as well as other in-house competencies here.”

Plenty of CE credits
CE credit is offered for all CAP-provided assessment and Pro Courses. With dozens of courses to choose from, your staff can easily cover all of their CE needs for the year. Individual transcripts are always available online. Each person who participates in the program has access to both their completed and in-progress activities. Individuals can even add non-CAP courses for a complete continuing education transcript. As with laboratory-wide records, each person’s transcript is password protected, accessible online at any time.

Do the Math Do the Math
Your license for Competency Assessment Program can easily include everyone in your lab for one low fee. With nearly 80 CE courses available, each staff member can earn a bundle of CE credit hours every year. Add the observation checklists, the CourseBuilder and ChecklistBuilder tools, the invaluable management reports and the individual transcripts for each participant, and you can see that Competency Assessment Program offers an extraordinary value for your laboratory.


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