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  Upcoming Courses and Features for 2015


The Competency Assessment Program will have two new enhancements scheduled for release in 2015 included at no additional charge.

The program will offer two levels of assessment courses in Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine and Microbiology—one at the generalist and one at the specialist level. The other enhancement is the Competency Assessment Profile feature. The profile will add new functionality to better track and document all six elements of competency assessment.

The functionality will allow you to:

  • Create profiles that include multiple activities, eg, courses, checklists, and documentation for individual test systems. Then, you can assign these profiles to the users.
  • Denote which element of competency is addressed by each activity within the profile. Administrators can easily verify that the profile covers the six elements of competency.
  • Assign the profiles to users at the needed assessment intervals, eg, initial assessment, six-month assessment, and annual assessment. Notifications will be sent when the next assessment (eg, six months, annually) is due.
  • Access reports that show user and competency profile activity.


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