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CAP Home > CAP Learning Portal > Tips and Tricks - Spring 2011 > Have a Custom Course That You’re Willing to Share? Here’s How

  Have a Custom Course That You’re
  Willing to Share? Here’s How


Posted March 24, 2011

Many Competency Assessment Program administrators have used CourseBuilder and ChecklistBuilder tools to create customized courses or checklists for their own groups. These are as unique as the individual creators and the organizations they serve. If you would like to share your custom-designed courses, there is a simple way to allow other users to view and use them.

Courses that you choose to share can be reviewed and imported by other users of the Competency Assessment Program and assigned to their employees. There also is a function that allows others to rate and comment on the courses if you enable access. Further, you can decide whether to share the course with all other users of the Competency Assessment Program or with specific users. For instance, you may want to share a course among users who are all part of the same hospital network, or you may want to swap courses with a colleague. In order to do that, contact the other user you want to share with and obtain that user's CAP number. The CAP number is a seven-digit number located in the blue bar near the top of the screen following the organization’s name.

Here’s how to share a course:

  1. Click the View or Edit Courses link in your list of Education Administrator functions.
  2. Click CourseBuilder.
  3. Click Share a Course.
  4. Use the Course Name dropdown box to select the course you wish to share.
  5. Use the radio buttons to choose whether you want to share the course with everyone or only with a specific laboratory. If you want to share a course with a specific laboratory, enter the CAP number of that lab.
  6. Enter any comments.
  7. Click Share Course.

To view a list of courses that you're currently sharing as well as details about the course, or  to stop sharing a course, go to View or Edit Courses > CourseBuilder > View or Change Courses I’m Sharing.

Click on Details to see more, or click on Stop Sharing if you don't want to share this course any more. Others who have already imported and assigned the course will still be able to access it.

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