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Posted October 18, 2011

Safety & Compliance courses are the latest addition to the Competency Assessment Program. Unlike safety and compliance courses from other sources, you can pull these “off the shelf” for your learners because they are designed for clinical laboratories with lab-specific illustrations and examples. All seven courses are included in the package for one low price and are appropriate for both annual laboratory compliance training or for clinical laboratory science students prior to clinical rotations.

Just like our other courses, Safety & Compliance courses can be customized with site-specific information, allowing you to add your local safety policies, emergency procedures, and contact information. Courses are integrated into the Competency Assessment Program interface, so they can be assigned, accessed, and completed along with your other courses. All features of the learning management system, including administrator roles, passing thresholds, and email notifications are available. The Safety & Compliance courses are updated when regulations or good practices change.