College of American Pathologists

  New Feature: Now You Can Sort Reports
  Based on Curriculum


Posted October 18, 2011

Many Competency Assessment Program administrators manage a high number of courses for their learners. They have requested the ability to generate reports based on curriculum. Now that capability is available to education administrators. The new feature has been added to the Student and Course Activity and the Student Assessment and Checklist Details reports. All current curricula will display in the “Course(s)/Checklist(s)” drop-down box on both reports.

If you’d like to generate a report for a select group of courses/checklists that fall across multiple curricula, create a new curriculum for your special grouping. To create a new curriculum, go to View or Edit Courses>>Organize Courses and Checklists Using Curricula. At the bottom of the page, enter the new curriculum name in the free-text box under Add a New Curriculum. Once you’ve added the curriculum, you can click the Edit Curriculum button next to your new curriculum to add courses and/or checklists to it.