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  What’s New With CourseBuilder?


Posted March 19, 2012

If you have had a chance to check out CourseBuilder lately, you have noticed the upgraded options. There are lots of changes, so here is a summary in case you haven’t seen them all yet.

  • Courses can be searched (on Courses, Checklists, CourseBuilder, and ChecklistBuilder tab).
  • A new welcome page summarizes course content and provides brief instructions.
  • The course outline is revised to be “collapsible.”
  • Important editing actions are logged. You can see who added, edited, or deleted within the course’s pages, tasks, exam questions, etc.
  • New graded or ungraded question types have been added. Choose drag-and-drop or put-in-order questions, which can include text and images as answer choices.
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions can have up to three “also acceptable” answers.
  • Text space is almost unlimited for questions, page content, feedback, and answer choices. The limit is now 2.1 billion characters for each field.
  • Topics and subtopics can be reordered.
  • When deleting a topic or subtopic, content can be salvaged and the information moved to another topic or subtopic.
  • Pages or questions can be moved among assessment, content, and posttest sections.
  • Inside CourseBuilder, PowerPoint content can be added or replaced.
  • Large images are automatically resized during upload.
  • As many images and files as desired can be uploaded to a course at one time.
  • Images or files within a course can be swapped all at once.
  • Users can be allowed to skip the end-of-course evaluation for a custom course.
  • Custom content and question pages can be previewed inside CourseBuilder.
  • If you have a course that includes both content and checklists, you can create it in CourseBuilder, rather than having to go to ChecklistBuilder.
  • Coming soon—audio and video.