College of American Pathologists

  How to Document the Elements
  of Competency


Posted March 19, 2012

Competency Assessment Program can be used to satisfy all elements of competency required by CLIA and the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program. Refer to this chart to see how: CAP’s Competency Assessment Program and LAP Checklist Requirement GEN.55500.

The Assessment Courses satisfy only competency requirement item #6, but the instrument-specific observation checklists that we provide can fulfill the needs for #1 and #4. Items #2, #3, and #5 can be documented through the use of ChecklistBuilder to create checklists for documentation of performance/observation in these other areas. If you have instruments not included with the program, use ChecklistBuilder to create your own checklist with information provided by the manufacturer.

When you create checklists to document observations of competency requirements #1-6, check a box next to the competency area that the checklist satisfies. Here’s an example screenshot:

Editing Checklist Screen Capture