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Posted May 6, 2013

Have a question for other users of Competency Assessment Program? Did you find a new way to use the ChecklistBuilder in the lab? Your peers and colleagues would like to hear about it. Now you can connect with other users via LinkedIn. A number of education administrators have asked us for a users group for Competency Assessment Program, so we established a shared user group through LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Because many of you already have LinkedIn accounts and passwords established. If you don’t, it’s fairly simple to set up a LinkedIn account.

This is an independent forum where Competency Assessment Program users can talk to each other about the program, whether you are a “super-user” or a beginner.

The CAP Competency Assessment Program managers will stay in touch with the group and answer questions where needed.

It’s easy to join
To find the Competency Assessment Program users group, simply log in to You’ll see the search box in the upper right. You can click the drop down arrow to show “Groups.” In the search box, type CAP Competency Assessment Program. It’s an open group that you can join immediately.