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  Neuropathology Program
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Updated September 6, 2012

The Neuropathology Program is designed as an educational program for anatomic pathologists, neuropathologists, and trainees to assess and improve their diagnostic skills and to learn of new developments in neuropathology. Each shipment contains a CD-ROM with eight cases that cover the spectrum of neoplastic and non-neoplastic disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems, including infectious, degenerative, developmental, demyelinating, traumatic, toxic-metabolic, vascular, and neuromuscular diseases. Four of the eight cases in each shipment comprise a mini-symposium focused on a specific problem area in neuropathology. The other four cases cover a variety of nervous system diseases.

For each case, pertinent clinical and laboratory information and several microscopic images are provided. Some cases also include radiographic and/or gross images. Following review of the case materials, participants answer a series of questions directed at diagnosis, interpretation, and pathophysiology.

All participants receive on the CD-ROM a critique including diagnosis, focused discussion and review, and selected references for each case. Participants can also download case materials from the CD-ROM for educational purposes. The NP cases are selected for their educational value; the case selection and evaluation process make the program unsuitable for proficiency testing or grading.

Pathologists can earn a maximum of 10 CME/SAM credits (AMA PRA Category 1 credits™) per pathologists per year. For those institutions with multiple pathologists interested in participating and obtaining their own CME/SAM credits, the NP1 option is available. The NP1 reporting option with CME/SAM credit must be ordered in conjunction with the NP program.

Passing Requirements for SAM Credit

CME/SAM credit can be claimed upon completion of this educational activity. All participants have 3 opportunities to take and pass the assessment to obtain CME/SAM credits. Participants who earn a score less than 70% on all three attempts are not eligible to claim CME credit(s).

Minimum Computer Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
CPU: Pentium II class or higher
Memory: 64 MB RAM
CD-ROM speed: 8x
Macintosh System 8.1, Mac OS9.x or later
CPU: PowerPC, G3 or G4 processor
Memory: 64 MB RAM
CD-ROM speed: 8x


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