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View the Future of Whole Slide Imaging with DigitalScopePosted April 17, 2012

To enhance proficiency testing and education for your laboratory, the CAP is leveraging DigitalScope, an unparalleled whole slide imaging technology that brings you closer than ever to a live microscopic experience in the laboratory. CAP Surveys deploying DigitalScope include:


  • Bone Marrow Cell Differential (BMD)
  • Expanded Virtual Peripheral Blood Smear (EHE1))
  • Virtual Body Fluid (VBF))
  • Virtual Peripheral Blood Smear (VPBS))


  • Virtual Gram Stain Basic Competency (VGS1)
  • Virtual Gram Stain Advanced Competency (VGS2)
  • Vaginitis Screen, Virtual Gram Stain (VS2)

Anatomic Pathology

  • Dermatopathology (DPATH)
  • Online Performance Improvement in Surgical Pathology (PIPW)
  • Virtual Biopsy Program (VBP)

Try a test drive of DigitalScope at Both Windows and Macintosh systems must have Microsoft (MS) Silverlight installed to properly view the test slides. If your system does not have MS Silverlight you will be prompted to download it when viewing the slides for the first time. You may also manually download MS Silverlight.