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SoftTech HealthPosted April 17, 2012

Committed to the ongoing advancement of technology in the laboratory, the CAP is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with SoftTech Health, a leading provider of software solutions for the health care industry.

As a result of the partnership, laboratories will be able to manage CAP Accreditation custom checklist requirements, integrated with document control to support regulatory compliance.

The CAP Accreditation Manager software offers—

  • Prebuilt Progress Reports—Generates in seconds—updates in real-time and helps ensure no requirement is overlooked
  • Automated Notifications—Ensures proper escalation to corrective action
  • Built-in Feedback/Complaints Tracking—Assists laboratories in meeting accreditation requirements
  • Laboratory QMS Equipment Manager—Enables conformance with instrument/calibration audits
  • Digital Support File Technology—Centralizes organization of supporting compliance documentation in multiple file formats
  • Laboratory QMS Referral Lab Manager—Helps satisfy quality management requirements
  • Built-in Personnel Manager—Simplifies complying with employee qualification and quality management initiatives

Visit our web page or email us to learn more about the CAP-SoftTech Health partnership.