College of American Pathologists

  We Need Your Help—
  Please Donate Tissue Samples


Posted April 3, 2012

The College of American Pathologists needs tissue samples of these cases:

HER2 Blocks

  • Submit paraffin blocks from invasive breast carcinomas of any type.
  • It is acceptable to use coexistent DCIS if it is a relatively minor component.
  • Include invasive carcinoma sample of at least 1 cm x 1 cm on the glass side.
  • Fix tissue in 10% neutral buffered formalin for 6–48 hours.
  • Provide block thickness of 2 mm minimum—3 mm to 4 mm is ideal.
  • Submit five paraffin blocks per case, free of all patient identifiers.
  • Include IHC and FISH test results when available.

Non-HER2 Blocks

  • For each donation, submit a minimum of three paraffin blocks of formalin fixed tissue of tumor 1 cm or larger in diameter.
  • We need the following case types:
    • Gastric carcinoma
    • Seminoma
    • Embryonal carcinoma
    • Angiosarcoma
    • Classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma
    • Thymoma
    • Adenoid cystic carcinoma
    • Merkel cell carcinoma
    • Ewing sarcoma
    • Synovial sarcoma
    • Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma
    • Oligodendroglioma
    • Plasmacytoma
    • Mantle cell lymphoma
    • Small lymphocytic lymphoma/chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    • Anaplastic large cell lymphoma
    • Posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder, DLBCL type
    • T-cell lymphoma, any type

If your laboratory can be a source, please contact Patty Vasalos, senior technical specialist, at or 800-323-4040 ext. 7584.