College of American Pathologists

  CAP Releases White Paper
  on Laboratory Interoperability
  Best Practices


LOINC White PaperPosted April 3, 2012

The CAP recently released the white paper, “Laboratory Interoperability Best Practices.” The CAP Diagnostic Intelligence and Health Information Technology (DIHIT) Committee developed the white paper to provide pathologists and laboratory professionals with a concise overview of the 10 most common issues to consider when establishing and maintaining laboratory interfaces, along with approaches for issue mitigation.

With the advent of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs, medical providers are encouraged to adopt EHRs in the physician office setting. As a result, the laboratory is faced with an unprecedented need to establish and maintain electronic connections to multiple disparate health records systems. Pathologists can play a crucial role in planning and validating these connections. The white paper serves as a resource to CAP members and laboratory professionals to anticipate and solve laboratory interoperability challenges. By doing so, pathologists and the laboratories they direct can continue to provide the high level of care that patients deserve.

CAP members are encouraged to use the white paper as a resource and share it with others in the laboratory community. The white paper represents another tool available to CAP members to ensure pathologists can deliver in a rapidly evolving health care environment.