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Benchtop Reference GuidesPosted October 2, 2013

e-LAB Solutions Connect radically changes how you process CAP proficiency testing (PT), allowing you to submit PT results directly from your laboratory to the CAP’s e-LAB Solutions™ portal. Not only does it save you time, it provides a cost-effective solution that allows you to run PT like a patient sample. We know that you want to perform and report PT results in the same way that you report patient test results.

Manual submission of PT data is the leading cause of clerical errors causing more test failures than actual testing errors. e-LAB Solutions Connect helps you reduce full-time equivalent (FTE) time to input PT result data and reduce clerical errors due to manual transcription.

“I really like using e-LAB Solutions Connect as it does save us quite a bit of time and allows for the elimination of clerical errors, especially on some of the really large Surveys,” said Linda S. Telatovich MT(ASCP), MBA , Technical Manager, Integrated Regional Laboratories , Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Using this connection program is much faster and more accurate than manually entering the results. We must approve the results reported so we can still review and make changes as needed. Certainly, this is a step in the right direction.”

The CAP began the development of e-LAB Solutions Connect in direct response to many customers’ requests to electronically submit PT data. We worked with Data Innovations to develop e-LAB Solutions Connect for automatic transmission of quantitative Surveys results processed with automated instruments such as chemistry, hematology, and coagulation systems. Since then, CAP team members have been working closely with additional laboratories to further improve participants’ experience.

“We have been using e-LAB Solutions Connect for six months,” said Nancy Hand, Chemistry Facilitator, Advocate BroMenn, Normal, Illinois. “Utilizing this connectivity solution for the last general chemistry and therapeutic drugs (CZ) Survey was a huge time-saver.”

“As a result of listening to CAP customers, who are under tremendous pressure in a changing health care landscape, we developed a more convenient way to submit important quality control data,” said Charles Roussel, CAP Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “The CAP, through leadership and innovation, allows laboratory professionals more time to spend on patients and clinicians who rely on their medical testing expertise.”

“A lot of our techs remember the day when the PT paper forms were filled out and mailed to CAP,” Hand said. “Next, we were able to fax the forms to CAP. Then, we could enter results online and submit. Now with this improvement our results flow from the instruments to the CAP PT form. We can then verify the results and submit. Easy.”

See the e-LAB Solutions Connect Web page for more information, including a case study with CompuNet, FAQs, and other items.