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ChecklistPosted October 2, 2013

CAP Accreditation Program participants: Did you know you can reduce the number of requirements you receive as part of the Laboratory General Checklist? It’s easy.

To streamline your Lab General Checklist, make sure you carefully review your Lab General activity menu and delete any codes that do not apply to your specific laboratory. For example, if your laboratory does not perform Direct to Consumer Testing, make sure activity code 3551 is removed from your Laboratory General activity menu. Deleting this one code would eliminate four requirements from your customized Lab General Checklist. Please note that all laboratories must include a Quality Management System (QMS) code in their menu.

For assistance with selecting appropriate Lab General codes, please refer to Laboratory General Activity Menu Reference Guide (you will need to login to e-LAB Solutions™ and click on LAP Resources for Laboratories to access this PDF). For questions contact the CAP Accreditation Program at

Activity menu changes can be submitted through e-LAB Solutions or by faxing a Test/Activity Menu Maintenance form to 847-832-8171.