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Updated November 3, 2003


HIPAA Feedback Form

Please answer the following questions to help ensure we are able to meet your needs.

1.) Please indicate which of the following tools you used: (Select all that apply)
  Administrative Requirements   Research Requests
  Patients' Access to PHI   Tissue Sharing Requests
  Notice of Privacy Practice   Access to Deceased Patients' PHI
  Do you have Business Associates?   Minimum Necessary Requirements Checklist
  Are you a Business Associate?   HIPAA and the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program
  Requests to Amend PHI   HIPAA-Related Definitions

2.) Overall, how valuable were these tools?

  Highly Valuable
  Somewhat Valuable
  Only Slightly Valuable
  Not at all Valuable

3.) How did you or will you use these tools? (Select all that apply.)

  As a quick online reference - will use tools today only
  Will access this site in the future and use tools as needed
  Printed/downloaded tool(s) and will use on an ongoing basis
  Will not use tool(s)
  Other (Please Explain)     

4.) What additional tools or information would be helpful for you to have regarding HIPAA?


5.) Consider these resources along with other HIPAA-related resources available to you. To what extent do you need additional support in the form of a formal course on HIPAA in order to successfully implement HIPAA requirements?

  Very Much So
  For the Most Part
  Only Slightly
  Not at All

6.) Which of the following best describes your role?

  Pathology Resident


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