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  House of Delegates Newsletter October 2006


Updated April 8, 2009

Dear Fellow Delegates,

A variety of functions of the CAP House of Delegates were identified during a Board/House retreat in April 2006 and assessed by delegates via electronic survey prior to the fall meeting of the House. As a result of the survey, the functions were prioritized and the top four were further discussed and defined during reference committee hearings at the Fall meeting. They are as follows:

  • To act as a “sounding board” for the Board, councils, and committees of the College, offering input from the House as representatives of the general membership perspective on the practical application and implications of issues and initiatives in the practice setting.

  • To provide a mechanism for and to foster two-way communication between the House and the Board, and also between the delegates and the CAP members they have been elected or appointed to represent, sharing information and input in both directions.

  • To provide a means to identify and surface to the appropriate CAP council or committee any local or regional issues that may represent an emerging trend, and that are not currently being addressed within the CAP committee structure.

  • To provide a forum to develop future CAP leaders through a broader understanding of the strategies, structure, and processes of the College; and, by building on a desire for involvement and local leadership demonstrated in the delegate role.

In a second session of reference committee hearings, delegates offered suggestions as to how the House could fulfill these functions. The chair of each reference committee gave an oral report of hearing testimony to the full House. Additionally, notes from those hearings will be posted on the CAP website.

Next Steps

Building on input obtained during the fall meeting, the House Steering Committee will appoint ad hoc committees to develop proposals that will be presented at the Spring 2007 meeting of the House, which will be held on March 31 in Dallas. The Ad Hoc Committees have been defined as follows:


Charge: to propose specific responsibilities of delegates, develop position descriptions, determine accountability, and identify training needs.

  • Chair, Michael S. Brown, MD, FCAP
  • Steering Committee Representative, Robert Farnham III, MD, FCAP
  • Seeking five additional members of the House


Charge: to propose ways to handle business, determine the means and frequency of communication among various constituencies, evaluate the format and recommend the appropriate number of meetings.

  • Comprised of the Steering Committee


Charge: to propose various potential structures for the House of Delegates, with evaluation of pros and cons for each alternative.

  • Chair and Steering Committee Representative, V. Rene Rone, MD, FCAP
  • Seeking six additional members of the House

Tools and Technology

Charge: to propose communication tools and technologies for use by the House, addressing how each would help to accomplish the functions of the House, start-up and maintenance costs, and other pros and cons.

  • Chair, Philip Boyer, MD, FCAP
  • Steering Committee Representative, Arthur McTighe, MD, FCAP
  • Seeking five additional members for this committee

If you would like to serve on one of these ad hoc committees, please send us an e-mail no later than Friday, October 20, indicating your area of interest. The Speaker of the House will make final appointments to each ad hoc committee. Each committee will be composed of seven members and is expected to meet via conference call and email.

Initial ad hoc committee proposals must be generated by late January. The Steering Committee will meet in January to review and align progress from all ad hoc committees. Ad hoc committee recommendations will then be prepared for the spring meeting of the House.

Ad hoc committees may seek additional input prior to the spring meeting. Questions may be sent via the House discussion list serve, or other methods as appropriate. Your response to any inquiries is strongly encouraged.

Ad hoc committee recommendations will be presented to the House during the spring Meeting for its final input and decisions. This entire process will be overseen by the Steering Committee which will then report back to the combined Board/House Ad Hoc Committee to Revise the House of Delegates.

If you have any questions about this message, please contact Tari McDermand at 800-323-4040 ext-7260. You can also email me directly.


Thomas J. Cooper, Jr., MD, FCAP
Speaker, CAP House of Delegates


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