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 Report Cards


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Updated July 29, 2014

College Report Cards

Annually, we survey HOD members on how well the College is doing in informing and preparing them on topics they have identified as important.

Updated2013 CAP-HOD Report Card (PDF, 114 KB)
2012 CAP-HOD Report Card (PDF, 88 KB)

NewDelegate Attendance Report Card

Attendance at HOD meetings is a requirement of the Delegate/Alternate job description and is recorded at each meeting.

HOD Attendance Report Card (PDF, 3.7 MB)

CAP HOD Baseline Metric

Our primary metric measures how Delegates view the HOD Meeting Format, and how Delegates, CAP Board of Governors and CAP Leadership view the HOD and HODSC Effectiveness. Survey participants are asked to agree or disagree with the following statements as they relate to Meeting Format, HOD Effectiveness and HODSC Effectiveness.The following metrics are used as primary and secondary measures of success for the CAP House of Delegates. These metrics are updated annually in December.


  • HOD – House of Delegates
  • BOG – Board of Governors
  • ELT – Executive Leadership Team

HOD Meeting Format

  1. Joint Session with Residents is Effective
  2. Format allows HOD input to CAP leadership
  3. Format was appropriate and encouraged participation
  4. Meeting met stated objectives
  5. Meeting purpose and objectives were clearly stated

HODSC Effectiveness

  1. I am well informed of College activities related to HOD, status and next steps
  2. I am well informed of HOD activities, status and next steps
  3. HODSC is performing to HOD/Leadership expectations
  4. HOD Speaker is performing to HOD expectations

HOD as a Whole

  1. Ample opportunities for Delegates to participate
  2. CAP leadership is receptive to HOD opinions
  3. HOD is an effective body and meets its obligations
  4. HOD input instrumental in influencing policy
  5. HOD functions well in articulating voice of membership

HOD Meeting Registration

This secondary metric measures meeting registration for Spring and Fall House of Delegates meeting.

Delegate Chairs Submitting Reports

This secondary metric measures progress with collecting delegate issues annually at the Fall HOD Meetings. These issues, along with responses to the issues, are posted on the HOD Collaboration Space for delegate review and response each Spring.

Percentage of CAP Councils/Committees

This secondary metric measures the percentage of CAP Councils and Committees with members that also serve as current delegates.

HOD Serving

This secondary metric tracks the percentage of delegates also currently serving on other CAP Councils and Committees.

HOD Positions Filled

This secondary metric measures delegate representation for the CAP HOD.