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If you have any questions contact:
Marci Zerante,
Senior Manager Member Engagement
Phone: 800-323-4040 ext 7656


The CAP House of Delegates (HOD) Discussion Board is your opportunity to Be The Customer. Delegates are encouraged to access the HOD Collaboration space, view the issues and CAP responses and post comments that let the CAP know if your needs are being met.

This discussion board is designed to advance our strategy by moving the bulk of our dialogue from the floor of the House to an online discussion forum where your words will not fade.

CAP Leadership and Delegates subscribe to automatic alerts for comments posted to this site. Your comments reach your leaders directly through these online discussion forums.

Follow the online instructions (PDF, 92 KB) to make your voice heard and hear what your leaders and constituents are saying.

Visit the live discussion forum today and post your comments.

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