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If you have any questions contact:
Marci Zerante,
Senior Manager Member Engagement
Phone: 800-323-4040 ext 7656

Updated March 15, 2011

How do I join the CAP House of Delegates?

The College of American Pathologists House of Delegates (CAP HOD) has open Delegate and Alternate positions in numerous states. Please view your state’s current representatives.

To fill a CAP HOD Delegate or Alternate opening or make changes to the delegation, please contact Marci Zerante via e-mail or by phone at 847-832-7656.

The House of Delegates is your voice to College leadership. Join now to hear about what the College is doing to help you survive in the changing landscape of medicine, learn more about what activities and business models you can employ to maintain and grow your business and let your voice be heard.

What’s Required of a Delegate?

Members of the CAP House of Delegates (HOD) serve as an important communication and membership link between CAP leadership and CAP members. A CAP HOD Delegate/Alternate is a key source of information on activities, programs, and policies of the CAP. The CAP HOD Delegate/Alternate is a direct contact for the individual CAP member to communicate with and contribute to the recommendation of CAP policy positions, including the identification of situations that might be addressed through policy implementation efforts.

CAP HOD Delegates/Alternates commit to serve a three year term. The term for delegates who run for election in 2011 will begin with the Fall ’11 Meeting on September 10, 2011 and end in April 2014.

CAP HOD Delegates must attend, or find an Alternate to attend, the two House of Delegates meetings per year.

For more information on Delegate responsibilities, read the CAP HOD Delegate/Alternate job description.

What are the Qualifications for Being a Delegate?

CAP HOD membership is open to CAP Fellows in good standing who are committed to the goals and ideals of the CAP and are willing and able to invest time in serving as a Delegate.

What’s the Elections Process?

  1. All Fellows of the College are invited to nominate themselves to be a candidate for the House of Delegates. Elections take place every 3 years. The next HOD Delegate Election will be held in early 2014.
  2. In late November, the CAP will send a list of the candidates for each state to the appropriate state pathology society. The state societies will have the opportunity to endorse the candidates for their state.
  3. In early February, the CAP will send a ballot to all CAP Fellows to vote for the delegate candidates in their state. The ballot information will include whether the candidates are endorsed by their state society.
  4. Ballots will be sent back to the CAP Headquarters for tabulation. The candidates who receive the most votes will be named delegates, and those who receive the next most votes will become alternates, up to the maximum of delegates and alternates allotted for each state.
  5. Candidates will be notified of the elections results in late April.
  6. The new House of Delegates members will receive information about their first House meeting, in early May of the elections year.