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  Quality Management Assessment Program (QMAP)


QMAP is a streamlined assessment of your quality management system (QMS) by specialists from the CAP. It provides some key benefits of the complete CAP 15189 accreditation program, but in a shorter timeframe.

QMAP will give you objective feedback on the effectiveness of your quality system, and will help you improve it.

If you’re interested in ISO 15189 accreditation, QMAP will help you assess your readiness. You may be closer than you think if you have already--

  • Done significant work refining your processes with Lean and Six Sigma
  • Enhanced your document control system
  • Established an effective root cause analysis process

A strong QMS will help you set your laboratory apart from your competition, gain more control of your operations, and take your laboratory to the next level of quality.

“QMAP will give you tools that will put an end to recurring deficiencies”

Caroline Maurer
CAP 15189 Director

Caroline Maurer, CAP 15189 Director

Evaluation by Experts

This program is carried out by trained, specialized assessors who have performed hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of accreditation assessments.


Assessors will create a written report addressing the following:

  • Areas/functions that are at risk
  • Overall strengths of your QMS
  • Opportunities for improvement

Assessors generally focus on the following areas from the Management Section of ISO 15189:

  • Quality Management System Structure
  • Document Control
  • Review of Agreements/Contracts
  • Complaint Resolution Process
  • Corrective Action Process
  • Preventive Action
  • Internal Auditing
  • Management Review
  • Continual Improvement

However, the assessment can be customized to client needs (including the Technical Section of ISO 15189).

QMAP does not fulfill nor is it a substitute for the CAP 15189 accreditation program Gap analysis.

Additional Details

  • Time:  1.5 days on-site
  • Requirements:  Purchase and review the ISO 15189 Standard (specifically section 4.0 – Management Requirements)

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Possible Service Extensions:

  • As a follow-up to the assessment, we can provide customized training on any of the topics from the QMEd education offerings (webinar or on-site). Example topics:
    • QMS Implementation
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Internal Auditing
    • Document Control
  • Our assessors can observe internal audits or review audit deliverables and provide educational feedback based on the methodologies taught in the QMEd offerings. Assessors can provide similar educational feedback on root cause analysis work or management review meetings.

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