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 CAP 15189SM Quality Management Program


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William Castellani, MD, FCAP


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 • FAQs (PDF, 150 KB)
 • Program Policies (PDF, 164 KB)
 • Logo Guidelines (PDF, 299 KB)


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Refine your processes

CAP 15189 will help you reduce risk, optimize performance, and provide your customers with proof of an integrated quality management system throughout all parts of your organization that interact with the medical laboratory. Learn more

New CAP 15189 Guidelines for 2014
The CAP 15189 program will assess laboratories according to the 2012 version of the ISO 15189 standard.

Download the guidelines to clarify your laboratory’s responsibility and the CAP’s assessment standards: Risk Management Guideline (PDF, 281 KB) and Measurement Uncertainty Guideline (PDF, 162 KB).













...concise but detailed in approach. Covers each action required. Very clearly delineated
-- Laboratory user

FEATURED COURSE: 15189 Walkthrough: A clear interpretation of the ISO 15189 standard.

15189 Walkthrough

  • Summary of each section of the ISO 15189
  • Explanation of intent and key requirements
         of the standard
  • Context and examples from CAP assessors
         discussing ISO 15189 accreditation

Learn more about QMEd


How is QMAP different from the CAP 15189 program?

  • QMAP offers a high-level assessment of your QMS
         rather than accreditation to ISO 15189.
  • QMAP requires less investment of time
         and preparation.

What will my laboratory gain from QMAP?

  • Find out how complete and effective your QMS is.
  • Benefit from the expertise of specialized assessors.
  • Receive guidance on how to implement the
         methodologies from the QMEd curriculum.

Learn more about QMAP

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