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  The CAP 15189SM Accreditation Process


Updated April 24, 2009

Sample TubesAs with CAP laboratory accreditation, CAP 15189 is educational. Our assessment team offers expertise in both technical and management competence to help you reach your accreditation goal. During the assessment cycle, your CAP team provides opportunities for:

  • Desk assessment. Review your quality management system and quality plan to evaluate readiness for the accreditation assessment.
  • Gap assessment. Identify existing and potential gaps in meeting ISO 15189 Standard, allowing time for corrective actions before the accreditation assessment.
  • Pre-assessment. High-level “dress rehearsal” provides a level of confidence that you are ready to begin the CAP 15189 assessment process.

CAP 15189 Accreditation Process And the accreditation cycle is on your timeline. CAP visits are announced and mutually coordinated. The accreditation assessment process begins when you are ready.

Our educational approach provides support in several ways:

  • Assigned assessor/account manager is your resource for education
  • Online educational tools
  • Internal assessment tool

Management Philosophy Beyond the Laboratory
CAP 15189 is a highly-disciplined approach to implementing and sustaining change. It requires a rigorous commitment to systematically monitoring and evaluating the laboratory’s contributions to the quality of patient care.

Laboratories that embrace excellence choose CAP 15189. They share our vision of advancing best practice standards for laboratory medicine and pathology while leading laboratory operations into the global marketplace.

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