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CAP QMEd online educational courses support you and your laboratory organization in building quality as a strategic business initiative.

The CAP offers 1-year licenses to the courses. During this time, you may view the courses as often as you like and share your login with anyone in your laboratory.

Seven courses are available:

  • 15189 Walkthrough ($395)
  • QMS Implementation Roadmap ($395)
  • Root Cause Analysis ($695)
  • Internal Auditing ($495)
  • Document Control ($350)
  • Quality Manual Development ($350)
  • Management Review ($395)

CAP QMEd courses are delivered online via a highly interactive user interface that allows you to learn at your own pace.


About the Courses

15189 Walkthrough
This course provides:

  • Summary of each section of the ISO 15189 standard
  • Explanation of intent and key requirements of the standard
  • Context and examples from CAP assessors

“...concise but detailed in approach. Covers each action required. Very clearly delineated”

“Examples were excellent! The real examples transform the ISO Standard from abstract to real life and gives leaders ideas on how to implement the standard.”
-- Laboratory users

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QMS Implementation Roadmap
This course provides:

  • Practical steps necessary to build, implement, and maintain a quality management system
  • Perspectives from CAP 15189SM assessors and clients

“This is the first roadmap I’ve seen that helps medical laboratories adapt to their environment. This is what laboratories need.”
-- Director of Regulatory Compliance for laboratory

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Root Cause Analysis
This course provides:

  • Simple but powerful methodology for root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Medical laboratory examples of complete root cause analysis
  • Case study for participant practice and feedback

“A wonderful course that was very well prepared and provided invaluable information about the topic of root cause analysis.”
-- Laboratory user

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Internal Auditing
This course provides:

  • Proven methodology for internal auditing
  • Complete case study demonstrating how to implement the methodology
  • Comments from CAP 15189 assessors on typical pitfalls to watch for

“Excellent, Clear and Concise.”
-- Laboratory user

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Document Control
This course provides:

  • Advice on how to achieve document control, even with minimal resources
  • Demonstrations of sophisticated electronic document control systems and how they can address document control problems
  • Sample document control procedure that meets ISO 15189 standards

“The ‘Workplace Learning’ pieces are great tools!”

“Really liked the section that describes the particular pitfalls for each phase of the process.”
-- Director of Operations Improvement for laboratory

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Quality Manual Development
This course provides:

  • Advice on how to go beyond a quality plan to develop a manual that organizes and communicates your laboratory’s quality management system
  • Example of a process-based quality manual

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Management Review
This course provides:

  • Interpretation of ISO 15189 requirements for management review
  • Demonstration of how to run management review meetings
  • Advice from CAP 15189 assessors on how to get the most benefit from your management review program

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