College of American Pathologists

  2012 CAP Accreditation Checklist Edition


Posted January 11, 2012

2012 CAP Accreditation Checklist Edition

Dear CAP Accreditation Participant:

The CAP is issuing a new edition of its Accreditation Checklists on January 4, 2012, to include the CAP’s most recent addition to its programs: the Biorepository Accreditation Program Checklist.

The CAP has made no content changes since the publication of the July 11, 2011 Accreditation checklists for the Laboratory Accreditation, Reproductive Laboratory Accreditation and the Forensic Drug Testing Accreditation Programs with one exception: an additional section included in the Laboratory General Checklist to incorporate biorepository industry practices.

The most current checklist edition, January 4, 2012, may be included in your institution’s accreditation and/or inspection packet(s) and can be viewed online via e-Lab Solutions™. Please be advised that the January 4, 2012, and the July 11, 2011, editions are identical for accreditation and inspection purposes.

Please contact the CAP with any questions you may have via email at or by calling 800-323-4040 option 1.