College of American Pathologists

  The CAP Revises Frequency
  of Campylobacter Incubation Checks


Posted December 1, 2011

Dear CAP Accreditation Participant:

The microbiology requirement, MIC.21815, introduced in the 07/11/2011 edition of the CAP Accreditation checklists has been modified. Effective immediately, the frequency of incubation checks is no longer specified as “each time of use”. The revised wording will read as follows:

MIC.21815  Campylobacter Incubation Conditions  QC Phase I

Campylobacter incubation conditions are checked using QC organisms or other appropriate methods to ensure adequate environmental conditions to support growth of Campylobacter jejuni.

Note: The method and frequency of quality control must be specified in the laboratory’s procedure manual.

A revision to this requirement will be published in the 2012 checklist edition. This change and other checklist errata can be found online via e-LAB Solutions™. Log in and select Laboratory Accreditation>LAP Resources for Laboratories>Checklist Updates>Checklist Errata Documents.

As a service to CAP Accredited laboratories, the CAP offers compliance alerts to help your laboratory maintain continuous compliance.