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  A Revision to the Reagent Storage Requirements


Posted September 29, 2010

A revision to the Reagent Storage requirements appeared in the June 2010 CAP checklist edition. The following statement appears in CHM.12500, LSV.36830, MIC63328, MIC.63350 and GEN.41042:

Frost-free freezers may NOT be used to store patient samples.” This statement was included because of concern that the acceptable temperature range might be exceeded during defrost cycles.

Upon further review, the CAP Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (CLA) has concluded that use of frost-free freezers for patient samples is acceptable provided that freezers are monitored by a continuous-monitoring temperature recording device, or a minimum-maximum thermometer, enabling the laboratory to show that the acceptable temperature range is never exceeded. Reagents and controls may be stored in frost-free freezers if they are stored in the above manner or are kept in a thermal container and the laboratory can demonstrate that the function of these materials is not compromised.

This statement will be added to the 2011 edition of the checklists.

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